Cover Letter Advice for Teachers

The cover letter is your first impression to the employer. It convinces the school authorities to review your resume in detail. Therefore, it becomes an important tool to market yourself better.

The cover letter can be tricky to balance. It should not be loud and aggressive, however, at the same time must express your personal qualities in such a way that the employer finds interesting. It should not be very long, as the employer may get bored or never read it completely and also not too short, as it may not cover important things about you. You should also include a bit of research done on the school you are applying to. The cover letter is the only way you can mention those intangibles that are not covered in the resume. It also showcases your written communication abilities.

So, once you have decided the format and the content of the letter, the same can be altered for different schools.

The following are the important things to keep in mind when writing your cover letter:

  • You can mention the people you know at the school in the cover letter. Mention their names at the start of the letter. School will always prefer if you have an acquaintance at the school.
  • Knowing more about the school always helps. Research the website and any online article about the school. Meet the teachers, the parents of the school, if possible. The small and less obvious details will give you an upper hand among the pool of applications.
  • You should also talk about your latest work experience. Be sure it is relevant to the teaching position. It is advised to make a list of applicable skills in a bullet format. This makes the letter not look like a long essay and easier to read.
  • The cover letter can also state the type of philosophy you believe in while teaching. Do not mention the philosophy unless you are convinced about it. Joining a school with a conflicting attitude will not be the best thing to do.
  • As mentioned above, the cover letter also reflects on your writing skills. Make sure that the grammar and spellings are correct. Review the letter twice before you send it. In fact, have other people also do the proofreading for you.
  • The tense used in the letter should be, preferably, present.

These small adjustments will make sure that you cross at least the first hurdle. Good cover letters are a way to ensure you receive an interview call. After that, you just have to be your very best and grab the teaching job.