How to Make the Most of Teaching Job Fairs

Job fairs are common in every industry. They play an important role in the education sector as well. Nobody can deny the fact that these job fairs present opportunities to people who are interested in teaching jobs. They can help people connect with potential schools in a quick and easy manner. Besides, being of immense importance to job seekers, the teaching job fairs are also an excellent way for the districts or schools to promote vacancies in their schools and interact with several candidates at one place. This arrangement saves time for everybody. These job fairs are nothing less than a gold mine, if managed in the correct way.

The following tips will help you make the most of the job fairs:


It is imperative that you do your homework. Research is of prime importance here. Every teaching job fair can be different. Some may have openings for selective subjects, while others may be looking for picking up people for the whole school district. Therefore, it becomes important that before you attend the fair, you should have conducted research on districts and schools. This will help you to understand their teaching requirements and evaluate whether there is a proper fit between you and the stated requirements.

This will also give you an insight into the policies and principles of the schools. You should go ahead only if there is a match with your own teaching philosophy.

Carry important papers

You should take your required and important papers to the fair. This consists of having a well-presented resume, your portfolio of teaching assignments and any other documents necessary for filling out the job applications. It would be criminal to miss out on any big opportunity because of a missing paper.

A good resume is the most important document that should be there in your arsenal. The importance of a well -presented resume cannot be over-stressed. There are statistics that 90% candidates are rejected in the screening phase because of an incomplete or unprofessional resume. A good resume is essential for making a favorable impression on the employers. You can also approach professionals to help you with resume-writing.

During the fair, you should have several copies of the resume to apply to various schools. In fact, you can also carry an electronic copy with you on a CD or USB drive.


Never miss out on a big opportunity because you were busy with less important ones. The time spent at the fair should be used efficiently. Explore schools at the fair to shortlist your dream positions. Prioritize the available positions in order of matching your requirements. Start approaching the top schools first and keep the ones at the bottom of the list for later.


If you do not get your dream job at the fair, all is not lost yet. Maintain a log of the meetings, including important details about the schools and the contact information of the recruiters. A follow-up letter to shortlisted districts is advisable. Make the letter interesting by mentioning the fair and the new facts you learned about the school. Also, mention about your interest in taking up the job and the perfect fit between your candidacy and the requirements of the school.