Job Search Advice for Experienced Teachers

Experience is always respected as it is the only way to more knowledge. However, there have been instances that young and inexperienced candidates are preferred over experts. Experienced teachers are not hired by some school districts due to the cost factor.  However, there are ways and means to search and get a job where experience is more valued than money.

The following are the guidelines to get more value from the job search:

Widen your fishing net

It is imperative to add more weight to the job search by considering bigger school districts. This will definitely add more opportunities to your skim portfolio. Bigger school districts may favor experienced candidates, irrespective of the cost incurred. Generally, bigger institutions have two different people to recruit and decide the salaries, respectively. The school principals hire the teachers and HR designs the salary package.

You will have to research the school districts well and understand the diversity of the teachers. Apply to those schools who respect experience by hiring qualified and experienced teachers. Local economy may also have an impact on the budget of the school. Explore opportunities in bigger and prosperous districts where cost is not the deciding factor.

Take an unconventional approach

In addition to exploring job opportunities in bigger school districts, take the time to discover any hidden dreams you have. Getting a job as a teacher might not be the only thing you are good at. Do a personal SWOT (Strengths -Weaknesses -Opportunities -Threats) analysis. It might reveal an opportunity that you never thought existed. Spending years in education industry may have developed diverse skills unknown to you. Consider different professions and explore options to fit-in with your existing education skills. A motivational speaker, a corporate trainer, a private tutor, an event manager etc. could be some of the career paths to consider. These options will not only broaden the job hunt, but also instill a new confidence in you.

Networking is the name of the game

Networking is not just for people within corporations. The term has a lot of significance in every area of life, especially a job search. Being an acquaintance for people who matter in the school district may open locked doors for you. Being a substitute may not be desirable however it gives you opportunities to prove yourself. You never know when someone is considering you for a permanent job. Be your best every single day.

Further, being present as a sub, gives you an unmatched advantage of knowing about a new vacancy before anyone else does. Do not let your experience and higher qualification dampen you in your prospect for a job. In fact, use your experience and education to better the teaching experience for kids. Use the time to add more valuable skills to your profile. Explore different opportunities available for developing those skills.

In short, a changed attitude and new positioning are the key to job search for experienced candidates.